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"This workshop was the best thing I could have done for myself and my photography. The class time and time capturing have opened my eyes and helped me to understand night photography and have made a huge impact on my editing. I came away feeling inspired and motivated, and of all, felt capable of going out and capturing night photography on my own. I really like how you took our photos from a night out and gave us honest critiques so we could go out the next time and improve on what we learned.  My photos from this workshop now hang on my wall at my office; people are coming in and are beyond impressed. The new work is something much improved from my old one. I came away with a much better photographer and photo editor. I so appreciate that you took the time to share this gift of yours with us. Forever thankful and cannot wait until the next workshop!!!"
~ Barb Pechous, previous attendee

"Erik is an experienced photographer and workshop leader! Great fun guy to hang around with, and you learn a lot! His teaching style is on par with the diversity of the attendee's knowledge. Erik will teach you what you need to know, and everyone learns at their own pace, which leads to a great learning experience!" 
~ Lucia, previous attendee

"Erik, your depth of knowledge is incredible, and how you shared it with everyone was masterful. You could meet everyone's needs wherever they were on the learning curve; that's differentiated instruction. I really liked the way you built on the concepts that were presented and practiced the previous day. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I especially appreciated the individual time you spent with me - and the others - reviewing images and post-processing techniques. One thing that really stands out for me is your true kindness and approachability. That quality makes an instructor great - and you certainly fit the bill. Thank you." 
~ Gregg, previous attendee

I like the way Erik speaks/explains things. It's more like coaching than teaching.
~Janet, Previous Attendee

I really like Erik's teaching style and how He has a clear explanation of the steps in creating and editing images.
~Sarah, Previous Attendee

Erik did an excellent job of explaining the techniques for both taking and processing Milky Way photos. I learned a lot from the reviews, both mine and the others. The last day proved to me the art of light painting is not easy and takes a lot of practice to get it right.  Thanks for all your help.
~Lance, Previous Attendee

Erik is a Great communicator and does an excellent job managing different agendas and personalities.
~Bill, Previous Attendee

Erik is very knowledgeable in both photography and editing. He will definitely help you improve both skills.
~Marty, Previous Attendee

Erik's passion for photography and teaching comes through in all parts of the workshop. It is contagious to the nth degree. I must admit that I am now looking at locations with a new vision, thanks to Erik.
~Nelson, Previous Attendee 
Images from Previous Attendees 
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